Happy 2019!


We’ve had a big year in development. We’ve added 100+ disease profiles, and warning systems for possible exotic diseases. Make sure you contact MPI directly if you suspect an exotic disease in your herd!

Be sure to join our private facebook group for more updates, and to share your experiences and issues. Most of our test users have now been moved to our web platform, if you haven’t migrated or are having issues with the new web app please get in touch.



Great news earlier in the month with the launch of a dairy apprenticeship scheme from Federated Farmers and PrimaryITO. One of the biggest gripe we hear from our farmers is the need for upskilled workers! We’ve been focusing on testing the UX of our app with newcomers to the industry- so keep an eye out for some minor cosmetic changes in future updates 🙂


As you all know spring is well and truly here- the time when the weather gets nice and warm, and us farmers get short on sleep!

While you’re all out there calving, we’ve also been busy here and tracking engagement with our dairy group. Here’s a sneak peak…


As a vet when we talk about AI we usually mean artificial insemination*- and usually in the context of waiting on the LIC guys to come!

In the tech world however, AI more commonly refers to artificial intelligence. It refers to intelligence in machines/robots/software- basically anything that is not in humans or animals.

With Betty, we are using artificial intelligence to diagnoses diseases. We do this by gathering information, either from automatic sensors or user input, and create a program that analyses the patterns and learn from it.

Artificial Intelligence is still in it’s infancy, like the internet was back in the 90s (when you opened a website and go make a cuppa before the webpage was ready to view ?), but it will be a big part of the future and so it will be handy to learn a bit about it!

One of my favourite explanation is from this site, which in simple words tell you a bit about where we are heading. It is a complex subject, but feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions!

*also referred to as AB, or artificial breeding

We created Betty as a tool to help farmers manage their herds better. Now I know some of you have been farming since I was born, but I think we can all agree that the dairy industry now is vastly different from what is was back then- and even different from just 5 years ago!

One thing that’s hit the news recently is the detection of a new, exotic disease- Mycoplasma bovis.

This is a disease that we’ve never had before (in NZ). Our team are working on implementing some new neural networks into Betty’s system which should help pick up strange patterns in diseases detection, and hopefully provide guidance on when you should call your vet or MPI if you suspect it!

We’ve pushed the algorithms update to our TestFlight members- and getting good feedback from our farmers which is a big help to improve the Betty engine 🙂

For more information on the disease be sure to check out Dairy NZ’s resource here.


Been on the road a bit the past week visiting some of our pilot users for more feedback. Lameness seems to be a big issue in some regions. Good stockmanship can play a big role in the diseases seen in heifers though it is a complex problem with many factors! We’ve made some changes in our app to reflect that, so keep your eyes peeled for it in our coming updates 🙂



It’s been a pretty swell weather- we’ve been inside all day so we finally got the chance to get out for a walk.

Here’s a quick shot from my phone.

The team’s been gearing up for our mid season app update, rolling out the next day or so. Keep your eyes peeled for that!




We’ve been doing some focus testing within our dairy focus groups, with 31 users on our app’s providing feedback on our TestFlight programme!


It’s been almost a 50/50 split with requests from our farmers group of Android and iOS users, though at this stage we will be concentrating on iOS and web first with an Android version soon to come.


Be sure to send us an email if you’re interested in joining our beta tester programme, or else check out the Apple app store for the free Betty app version! If you want to help with feedback you can also fill in our app review form here- https://goo.gl/forms/svJXg4Z2pffid4Gf1.



It’s been a busy couple of weeks finishing off the late calvers- watch out for the downers! The rain has been falling and we have an amazing day here in Christchurch!

Just a quick update on our Betty app:

  • We’ve finished some initial testing for our upcoming iOS launch.
  • More tweaking the disease recognition algorithms.
  • Scheduled public release target by the end of the month!

We’re also working on some sweet features that will not be released in our public app as of yet, so watch out for that! If you’re keen to be a part of the beta testing community or have suggestions for the app be sure to get in touch!