What is artificial intelligence?

As a vet when we talk about AI we usually mean artificial insemination*- and usually in the context of waiting on the LIC guys to come!

In the tech world however, AI more commonly refers to artificial intelligence. It refers to intelligence in machines/robots/software- basically anything that is not in humans or animals.

With Betty, we are using artificial intelligence to diagnoses diseases. We do this by gathering information, either from automatic sensors or user input, and create a program that analyses the patterns and learn from it.

Artificial Intelligence is still in it’s infancy, like the internet was back in the 90s (when you opened a website and go make a cuppa before the webpage was ready to view ?), but it will be a big part of the future and so it will be handy to learn a bit about it!

One of my favourite explanation is from this site, which in simple words tell you a bit about where we are heading. It is a complex subject, but feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions!

*also referred to as AB, or artificial breeding

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